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'I don't like you either.' by Alrathi
Okay, now these might seem silly... but they're ADORABLE <3

Lineart/color/graphite- 5 points (5 cents)

**Jellybean chibis are one of my trademarks, so if you see anyone else using them, LET ME KNOW.**
Trails to Knighthood by Alrathi
No, YOU Let Go by Alrathi
Cookie? by Alrathi
Who doesn't like chibis??
I'm making these SUPER inexpensive because they're fun to do, and they don't take long =3

Chibi lineart --- 20 points (10 cents)
Chibi color (Digital) --- 50 points (50 cents)
Chibi color (Traditional) --- 80 points (80 cents)

Want it colored in pencil? It won't cost any extra for the chibi itself =3

Simple background -- add half of base price!
Complex background -- double base price!
*BOOM* Headshot
We Bringin' Sexy Back~ by Alrathi
With Eyes of Eden by Alrathi
Abigale Monroe by Alrathi
I consider headshots to be from mid waist up, but some may cut off at the shoulders if I feel the picture looks better this way! If you do not want me to do this, let me know beforehand!

Lineart --- 50 points (50 cents)
Color (digital) --- 100 points ($1)
Color (traditional) --- 150 points ($1.50)

Want it colored in pencil? It won't cost any extra for just the character =3

Optional backgrounds -- Double base price 

Need ideas? Take a look at these!

- Gender flips
- OC redraws
- Character design
- DA profile or ID picture
Character Reference Sheets! (Read descriptions!)
Zephati Reference (Dragon) by Alrathi
Rey by Alrathi
Kiya by Alrathi
Zero by Alrathi
I'll work on getting better examples up for these... but they consist of one full body sketch, one half body sketch, details of markings/clothes/accessories if desired and a description of the character as written by YOU. <3

Traditional sketch character sheet --- 250 points ($2.50)
**done in pencil and cleaned up. Typesetted on Photoshop**
Lineart character sheet --- 300 points ($3.50)
**done in either inked pen OR retraced digitally, made for you to color =3**

Colored character sheet (digital ONLY) -- 450 points ($4.50)
**This option consists of one simple background for your character, one colored and stylized name header, and only ONE of the sketches done in color.**

EVERYTHING in digital color --- 500 points ($5)
Full Body Art
AP Art: Makings of a Monster by Alrathi
Revised and Repainted by Alrathi
AP Art: Wish For Answers by Alrathi
Rey and Toshi by Alrathi
Alright, here's where the big commissions start! These take a lot more time and effort on my part, so I'm sorry if they're expensive to you =)

**Please note!** This type of commission is meant as artwork, NOT as a character reference!

Lineart -- 300 points ($3)
Color (digital) --- 350 points ($3.50)
Graphite -- 350 points ($3.50)
Color (Traditional) --- 450 points ($4.50)

Backgrounds -- double base price
Extra humans/large creatures -- double base price


I put this box here, but I have NO idea what to do with it, lol.


Sir Mickey~
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Please don't thank me for favoriting your art! Say you're welcome, because I'm thankful I saw it =3

Geez, I change my bio a lot... Ah well, screw it.

I am the foof plant that resides in Tarokinesis' dungeon... I spawn the shrimp of creativity and germinate pencils when I am happy! I love comments and criticism- both positive and negative-- so don't be shy =3

What you can expect here...? Well, I love to explore human psychology... so you might find some freaky stuff! Come! Join me on my explorations into the weird, wacky and damn well fucked up place that is human brains~ <3

I livestream upon request, since I don't have that many people following my stream yet! <3…

Story Collaborators!!

:iconairsaber: - M.O.B.
:icontarokinesis: - Academy, Knight, Arena
:iconsleepyninjachan: - By Blood



What chu want, bro?

Well, I don't know what chu want, but I know what I can do right now! I love 'get what you give' type art, and I love doing stuff with other people, so take a look!

Requests --- Requests- On Hold Stamp by Icelilly
Collaboration pictures --- Collabs- Open Stamp by Icelilly
Art Trades --- Art Trades- Open Stamp by Icelilly

Point Commissions --- P. Commissions- Ask Stamp by Icelilly
Paypal Commissions --- Commissions- Open Stamp by Icelilly

I apologize in advance if you think my commissions are expensive! Think of it this way, 7.78$ is minimum wage where I live. So, that's about 8 dollars an hour. My artwork takes anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, averaging about 24 - 64$. I'd like to think the amount of time and effort I put into my art is worth at least half of minimum wage =) Most of my prices are much less without color, so take a closer look if you are interested!

Many thanks to the creator of these stamps, Icelilly! <3…

What would you like to see more of from me in the future? (Please let me know! =3) 

1 deviant said Monsters/creatures!
1 deviant said Story comics!
1 deviant said Character sheets! (Cuz all my old ones are terrible XD; )
1 deviant said Want to see more than one? Let me know! D=
No deviants said Story related art!
No deviants said Short comedy comics!
No deviants said Humans!
No deviants said SKETCHES!!! (goodness knows I have enough to fill an ocean)
No deviants said GORE~~~<3
No deviants said Want me to try something new? Leave a comment for what it is!


:iconmatsohrman: :iconairsaber: :iconfaerybound: :iconbobby-bullet-ohms: :iconsafira-the-wolf:


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I don't need a premium anymore, obviously... XD But I love all the people who donated to me to death, so I LEAVE IT UP BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME, AND I WILL FEATURE THEM THIS WAY... SOMEHOW.

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Hi, Thank You for the Fav's and for the Watch too ! It means a lot to me ! :)
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Thank you for the support. I appreciate it a lot. Though if you wouldn't mind taking a moment to glance into my gallery I'd appreciate that too. But I know time is important. Either way, I appreciate the support and I thank you for it. Have a good day. :wave:  
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Hey, were you at NDK this year?
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Gyaaah, I wasn't... T_______T *terrible memory at work over here* several of my friends went though! They made me very jealous with their stories of awesomeness XD Did you get to go this year?
Feeorin215 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep! We went. We live in the springs again. But I'm now 8 months pregnant and didn't cosplay. We only went for three hours on friday.. I got way too tired. You should try and come next year! I'll have a 9 month old but I'm planning on making her a costume, too.
Alrathi Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahahaha, awwww...! At least you got to go though! You've gotta show a picture or two of the costume you make for your little one though! Knowing you, it'll be amazing!

I really hope I can go next year ;_; I've been going damn crazy with my new job... but at the least I'll have money to go! Lol, you know what... I'm gonna put it in my phone so it yells at me to ask some friends to come with me next year, otherwise I'll forget again XD
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Tks for the fav!!! if you want to see and support my newest deviations watch me
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